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Aladdin Print Phil - A pioneer in the online printing business and equipped with the latest digital printing technology, AladdinPrintPhil is an innovator in the Philippine printing industry. They are the first to operate as an online printing service provider.

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Angloinfo - They provide comprehensive, up to date guides, services and products across 30 countries to help you find exactly what you need, whether you’re thinking about moving or need help settling in (and every stage in between).

FullStack web Development - Pro Audio · DJ gear & Effects · Studio & Recording · Microfoons · Hoofdtelefoons · Verlichting & Special Effects · Gitaar · Basgitaar

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Bemyguest - Asia’s largest aggregator of attraction, tour and activity products, and designers of innovative tech solutions tailor-made especially for Asia’s unique experiential travel ecosystem.

Web Design & Frontend Find your new company on the largest business takeover platform in the Netherlands

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COVID 19 Statistics Worldwide

COVID19: Shows Statistics of the Corona Virus Cases World Wide


Cafection - Creates, designs and builds top quality coffee machines equipped with our unique reverse French press for an array of industries all across North America.

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Cauayan Resort

Cauayan Resort - A luxury resort that embodies the pristine beauty of its natural surroundings and first class personalized services. Escape to a paradise of tranquility and haven of comfort. Indulge yourself in a perfect serene lifestyle vacation.

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Devfits - Apparel and Stickers store for Web developers.


Durham Law School - Durham University Law Society is one of the oldest and most popular societies operating in Durham. As a society run by students, for students, the overarching objective of the society is to facilitate access to information regarding various issues in the legal sector.

Data visualization, Frontend

EMBL Data visualization - ReactJS ChartJS Created data visualization for EMBL: Example

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Easyshed - Australian owned, and committed to local production since 1983. We've been a leading designer and manufacturer of DIY assembly storage sheds in Australia for over 30 years. Our sheds are all manufactured start to finish in Albury, NSW.

NextJS 14, React Query, Redux


Gstream - A Free streaming service created by Gilbert Lucas

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Goglobby E-commerce platform provider looking to revolutionize the industry by streamlining and simplifying the whole experience of starting an online business.

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Lapassione - Stylish Italian Quality Timeless Aesthetic Design

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NextJS 14 Server Actions

Demo - This Demonstrates the use of NextJS14 action scrips along with my ability to create filtered searchthat dynamicly update URL QueryStrings.


Pace Calculator

PaceCalculator: Computes pace, time, and distance, given values for two of the variables. It can also be used for training purposes through the multipoint ...

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Parkhound - Helps consumers have access to convenient, cheaper parking options in a single community marketplace.

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Reve Marketing - Provides customizable off-the-shelf martech solutions to power your most ambitious marketing strategies. We help brands build long-term value by creating customer advocates, amplifying content investments, boosting customer loyalty and making customer experiences more relevant.

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Rockstone Audio - Offer premium-quality audio products at competitive prices — backed by unsurpassed customer service and support that sets the standard for the industry.

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Spacer - Offers the most comprehensive supply of business to consumer, peer to peer and commercial options for customers seeking short and long-term parking and storage

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TNT Movers - Trusted Movers for Hassle-Free Transportation & Relocation

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That Silk Life

That Silk Life This brand is a byproduct of our desire for luxurious things at reasonable prices.

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Yovada - Most trusted yoga & wellness retreats and yoga teacher training courses to offer you the most amazing experiences!